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Mixers Technologies

POLYTECH: The ecofriendly mixer

 Made with innovative techno-polymers, the new Polytech mixers are a novelty and uniqueness in the market of taps. The big advantage of a Polytech mixer is that it's made up of completely non-toxic materials, hypoallergenic, recyclable and suitable for contact with food. As these materials do not contain heavy metals such as lead, they are not releasing them during use. A polytech mixer is also equipped with the patented Semplifix system, allowing fast assembly from above. A very lightweight product at a very competitive price.



Advantages of the ecofriendly Polytech mixer

  • It is manufactured with very innovative engineering plastics that do not contain and thus do not release lead, as occurs in normal brass mixers and therefore it is particularly suitable for health.
  • It is equipped with the Semplifix system that allows a quick mounting from above.
  • It is much lighter than a brass mixer of similar shape.
  • It is proposed at a very competitive price.
  • It is made with recyclable materials
  • Anallergic, suitable for food, eco-friendly and recyclable.


Plados-Telma's special mixers are made with the latest and best innovations.

The new mixers cartridge used in Polytech mixers allow you to save huge amounts of water and power. This mixers line also features our "AQUASAVE AND POWERSAVE". With the Semplifix Technology, you can easily mount and unmount the mixer from above, saving time.

"AQUASAVE" makes you save water.

The first step of the mixing cartridge makes water flow out at 6 litres per minute, widely sufficient for most common uses. By lifting the lever up to the second step, the water flow increases to 12 litres per minute, with an average pressure of 3 bar.


With PLADOS' "POWERSAVE" system, by opening the lever at the start position there will be dispensed only cold water, avoiding waste of gas or electricity. To get mixed water just turn the lever to the left, which gets you to the center position, corresponding to the ideal recommended temperature. This step is also important for its function against accidental burns. In the case of real need of very hot water, it can be obtained with a furter rotation of the handle to the left. 


Taps with ultra-fast installation from above are equipped with the new and revolutionary SEMPLIFIX system. SEMPLIFIX system makes installation of the tap fast and easy as well as allowing to easily replace it if ever needed. Every step of the installation, as shown in the images, takes place from above while avoiding the installer to operate in awkward and difficult positions

Insert from the top the universal base “Semplifix” in the sink hole.

Fasten the locking device with the supplied allen wrench, fixing the base to the sink.

Fix the faucet at the base using the second allen key provided.


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