Installation methods



All PLADOS-TELMA sinks can be installed in the normal way, which is built-in modular kitchens worktops. Some useful instruction below:


The special seal (1) should be placed carefully onto the upper surface of the counter, on the edge of the cutout. Press down on it lightly so that it sticks to the surface (595x480 mm. - 770x480 mm. - 840x480 mm. - 970x480 mm. - 1140x480 mm. - 410x480 mm. - 390x480 mm. - 540x480 mm. - 740x480 mm. for rectangular sinks, Ø410 mm. - Ø490 mm. for round sinks and 810x810 mm. for corner sink, depending on the model – for irregular corner sinks, use the suitable sheet with the drawing). Carefully lower the sink into the cutout and into the seal. Fasten the mounting brackets (4) to the sink as shown, using the screws provided. Then tighten the mounting bracket with a screwdriver, making sure that the sink is pulled down towards the counter top and compresses the seal (1).


Sink cutout 








All Plados-Telma sinks can be installed in the normal way, which is built-in in modular kitchen worktops, or they can be installed undermounted. For undermounting installation, please order the suitable installation kit. The installation kit (code GANCIST10) is included in the box of the following undermounted sinks: ON7610ST-ON6010ST-ON5610ST-ON4110ST and AM8620ST. For all the other models, the installation kit is available as optional accessories (code GANCIST10).


- In order to help marble cutters, on demand we can send bye mail the geometric scheme in .dfx or .dwg format sto cut the worktop. Moreover, always on demand, we can also send by priority mail the paper cut-out. All the cutouts can be easily downloaded by Plados website. In all the supplied schemes the sink edge is flush with the worktop: Link to the geometric schemes: Link alle Dime






The series ONE/CUBE e ELEGANCE/AMANDA are supplied flush-mounted on demand. The pictures show the work on the whole sink perimeter, in order to get a 15° tilt angle.






Plados-Telma sinks are provided with pre-punched hole (picture A) placed on both sides in order to choose where to place the mixer tap and the suitable accessories.

In order to avoid any possible damage to the sink, we strictly recommend to drill these pre-punched holes using 35-37mm drill following the procedure shown in pictures B and C.

On request Plados-Telma supplies either the complete drilling kit (code KITFRESA) composed by the drill plus the joint, or just the drill (code FRESA). Drills are long lasting as they are diamond coated. See pictures D and E.





The following accessories are supplied with the sink box:

  • • Ø90 mm (3”1/2) stainless steel drain (as in the picture)
  • • Gasket
  • • Space saving pipe siphon for dishwasher / washer (as in the picture)
  • • Hook clamps

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