Composite material is made with 80% granite and quartz particles and 20% acrylic
Yes, our kitchen sinks are able to handle thermal shock, even at high temperature (up to 280°C) without permanent damage.
The extremely high mineral charge of our material makes it so our kitchen sinks are highly resistant to scratches, dents and wear. Most of our products also have a special anti-scratch surface.
Color is one of the featured elements of PLADOS-TELMA kitchen sinks. Thanks to the high resistance to ultraviolet rays, our kitchen sinks do not lose their color overtime and they keep their fresh beauty. Color does not change even if the kitchen sink is directly exposed to sunlight.
Our kitchen sinks are very resistant to daily usage. Dirt and spots can be removed with a quick rinse and a sponge. PLADOS-TELMA's composite material is extremely easy to clean. A standard soap and a sponge is all that's needed to keep it clean. Limestone can be removed with universal detergents easily obtainable.
Plados-Telma offers detergents especially developed to take care of kitchen sinks in composite material. FOR DAILY USAGE: BRILLCARE is a water-based detergent, made from ECOLABEL certified degradable materials derived from plants. Its perfect use is for daily cleaning activities for our kitchen sinks and any suitable kitchen surface. FOR EXTRAORDINARY REASONS: EXTRACARE is a descale detergent. Works well even against the worst dirt, it's been developed so that it doesn't hurt the kitchen sink in composite material. Thanks to its formula, it can also be used in vertical surfaces. You can find more information here.
Within our products range you can find Mixers, Hobs, Ovens and Cooker Hoods with the same colors. Every composite sink is matched by our range of mixers.
Our composite sinks can be cut with a diamond cutter with a diameter of 35-37mm. All of our sinks have a prepunching hole for mixers. For some specific models there are more than one prepunched hole, so that the mixer can be installed in different areas.
PLADOS and TELMA's warranty is for 10 years against thermal shock breaks. For Ultraquartz and Duralast, it's 6 years.
Plados and Telma used to be competitors. In 2003 they joined forces, resulting in one of the biggest and most advanced production establishment for composite sinks. Both brands have their own design and commercial areas.
ARIAPURA identifies our composite sinks featuring titanium biosside nanoparticles. This natural component enables the "photocatalysis", which is similar to photosyntesis and turns polluted organisms within the kitchen into harmless mineral salts.
Microstop enables a bacteria protection throughout time against bacteria reproduction, thus preventing mold, stains and unpleasant smells. Microstop's protection works through silver ions and is within the whole sink, remaining fully active even if the sink has scratches. It lasts for the lifetime of the product. Microstop is available in each and every PLADOS and TELMA's composite kitchen sinks, without any additional cost.
It's a new technology that enables a constant and unlimited protection against dirt, which often causes stains and unpleasant smells. It lasts for the lifetime of the product. With Ultraclean water's drops do not crash within the surface, but rather they slip, making the whole sink less subject to being wet. There's a demo video:
Ultraclean can be requested upon the order, for a 8% increase in price.
Our mixers have a 2 years' warranty.
Hobs and Ovens have a 2 years' warranty.
You may ask for your area's distributor right through our website's contact form.
Our Support Service is available from monday through friday, between 8.30 and 12.30. Please check our Support area for more information.

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