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An additional important recognition for the innovation and development attributed to PLADOS-TELMA Group. The 14th of November in Rome, at the American Center of Studies, it took place the prize giving ceremony of the “Open Innovative SME”, held by Bernoni Grant Thornton exclusively for the Italian SME certified as Innovative. A SME is certified as innovative when it invests more than the 3% of its turnover in R&D, when it helds important International patents and when it can be proud to have PHD technical profiles as employees. 

During the ceremony, the 2nd edition of the Observatory report dedicated to these paticular companies compart has been introduced, realized by Bernoni Grant Thornton in cooperation with the University of Pisa. The SME, in particular the innovative ones, represent the spine of the Italian economic and productive system. This companies section is made up by all those small and medium companies operating in the innovation technology field and if they comply with the above mentioned requirements, they obtain the inscription in a special register of the Chamber of Commerce.

It is about a new kind of companies introduced just 3 years ago in the Italian regulations, whose “status” allows them to take advantage of a specific facilitations scheme able to determine an important cultural and organizational step forward for their growth. In Italy, up to date, there are just 877 innovative SME and the company Delta s.r.l. has been among the first companies in the 2016 to obtain this important certification.

Delta s.r.l., company of the Plados-Telma Group, specialized in the study and production of highly innovative composite materials for the kitchen sector, bath and furniture in general, has been awarded with the prize for the best innovative SME 2018, which has been hand-delivered to one of the Group’s owner, Dr. Edoardo Bertini.

The winning companies have been evaluated and selected by a jury of experts among those able to distinguish themselves for the capacity of being innovative, obtaining important commercial results in Italy and in the foreign markets and to adopting new and winning business models.

Plados-Delta Group, since several years, has been investing relevant resources in R&D. Among the most important and recent innovations we can list the following ones.

The self cleaning, antibacterial and kitchen’s air purifying sink destroying bad smels and polluting substances in the environment caused by human activities, by cooking process which generates fumes and fat vapors, by cigarette smoke, thin powders, heating and conditioning systems, food decomposition, etc..( project that has obtained the “Seal of Excellence” from the European Commission) and financed with European funds Horizon 2020 from the Marches Region (International patent PCT/EP2012/065120).

The Green Sinks (Eco-Sinks), sinks entirely made by organic and inorganic ecologic materials (one of the 12 industrial projects approved and financed in the 2012 from the Life project, the European Union Ambient fund).

Over the last months it has been introduced a completely new and performing composite material: the NanoStone, which is a very advanced and innovative material to be used to produce more higienic, easier to clean and highly aesthetic and functional kitchen sinks.


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The European Commission has released recently the annual LIFE program report about the ecofriendly


The publication, called “LIFE and the Circular Economy” shows the results obtained concerning the

green economy and describes all the projects, funded by LIFE program, which have been judged worthy for

the environment and the circular economy.  

Circular economy means an economy composed of productions process based on the recycle of the

industrial scraps and the manufacture of new green products.

The European Union, thanks to the LIFE program, is supporting and promoting this new kind of economy.

Transitioning to a more circular economy, where the value of products, materials and resources is

maintained for as long as possible and the generation of waste is minimized, is an essential contribution to

the EU’s long-term efforts to develop a competitive, sustainable, low-carbon and resource-efficient


The Plados-Telma Group got, in 2013, an important grant from the LIFE program in order to fulfil the

“Green Sinks” project that is the first ecofriendly sink completely made of organic and inorganic recycled


Last year our project has been awarded by the European Commission as one of the best environmental

European project of 2015.

On April 2017, the European Commission has recognized again the value of the “Green Sinks”

project dedicating to it a wide description on the “LIFE and the Circular Economy” publication.

You can find the whole report on this link:


Here below the piece about the “Green Sins” project.


21 Nov






An important award received by Plados-Delta Group.

Last Thursday, 17 November 2016, Plados was honored at the Press Club in Milan, from UPS, the world's leading logistics company.

Finalist award Export2Succeed companies presented their case studies and export projects at the Conference "Export: small business, Big Opportunity" which was attended by Licia Mattioli, Vice President of Confindustria for internationalization, and the jury members Diego Mingarelli, Vice President of small industry of Confindustria for internationalization, Alessandro Franci, ceo of Dedar Spa, Iulia Nartea , Country Manager for Italy, UPS and Carlo Robiglio, Director of the entrepreneur

The initiative was promoted by UPS, the world's leading logistics, in collaboration with “L’Imprenditore”, the small Industry of Confindustria monthly magazine, with the aim of promoting the internationalization of SMEs and exporting Italian product abroad.

The project of internationalization of Plados spa has been considered the most valid and was judged by the Jura as the best, winning the national award Export2Succeed for best SME exporter 2016.


Always Plados tip to expand on the world market and receive recognition for this can only make us extremely pleased because always we think the export is a pillar of our strategic business plan.

We thank the organizers for appreciating our internationalization project. We will continue to work with the aim of making Plados a primary player globally.



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